Building, Growing and Scaling E-Comm on
Feb 24, 2023

E-Commerce is no longer an option for businesses, it’s the most forward facing way that customers engage. Products, services, courses, training, all the way to consulting are sold to customers online each and every day, which makes it more important than ever to both optimize your current processes while planning for expansion and scale. But how do businesses start implementing the pieces needed to grow their consumer base without spending a ton of money? You’ll always have to spend money to make money, but now you can spend wisely and grow strategically.

Ezzey CEO and Co- Founder Michael Hamburger recently spoke to about the importance of E-commerce businesses applying growth hacking techniques when they’re ready to start scaling.

 “Many consumer products start from niche beginnings. Why? Appealing to small audience groups makes marketing simpler and more cost effective initially. However, sooner or later, most successful brands want to broaden their appeal. In today’s market ecosystem, that usually translates to expanding their e-commerce experience and footprint. This is where using data and following a consistent, objective “growth hacking” process is critical.

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Growth hacking can help you check your gut instincts at the door and make calculated decisions when scaling your business. You can run quick tests, validate your assumptions with data, and pivot quickly when the numbers don’t add up in your favor. As opposed to building a whole new website, build a single, targeted landing page to test everything from ad copy, USP, product pricing, or even updated messaging. Instead of putting your offer anywhere and everywhere, run small tests on multiple platforms to see where your audience is most responsive. Let the data guide you in the right direction and you’ll preserve your budget to grow smoothly and quickly.

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