“Transforming Your Marketing Investment Mindset” on Martech.zone
Feb 14, 2023

Digital marketing, no matter how you slice it, can be a daunting, expensive endeavor. There are so many channels to market your business on, and a seemingly endless way to market your business on those channels. Not to mention the costs associated with running a multitude of campaigns. So where do you start? Do you throw caution to the wind and hope for the best? Do you cross your fingers and hope that there are at least nominal returns on your investment? Becoming successful with your marketing efforts starts with transforming your marketing investment mindset.

Making strategic decisions about your marketing can be extremely effective when you’re looking to maximize your efforts. We start by breaking our clients goals into 4 basic categories, our “Pillars”, to determine what assumptions can be made, what tests can be done to yield actionable data, and how those assumptions and data can be efficiently delivered to a clients audience. While it may be a “new” way of thinking about marketing strategies, the Lean Canvas method has been a game changer for businesses for decades. Ezzey’s Rick Bodey was featured on Martech.zone talking about how applying the Lean Canvas to your business can massively impact your success.

When business owners begin developing a new strategy or evolving out of old thinking, they expect the process to meet a specific predetermined vision. They have an expectation for the value of their business. Thus, they have an expectation of what success means, from bank balance to reputability.

Managing and adapting these expectations is at the forefront of working with clients. You can begin by exploring which metrics the business owner wants to see. For example, is the business looking for more inbound phone calls? More phone calls will inevitably require new leads — perhaps 20 new leads to get four new calls. You can work backward from this specific metric and use KPI-driven thinking to imagine what kinds of digital marketing touchpoints you will need to make that happen.”

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A simple shift in your marketing mindset could be the key which unlocks your future success in your marketing efforts. You can eliminate a huge number of variables, focus your efforts more effectively, and ultimately spend budgets more efficiently with a few tweaks to your thinking. We know that there will always be outliers and hurdles in the ever changing marketplace, but when a Lean Canvas is applied, you’re essentially armoring your marketing efforts.

We love helping clients deploy the Lean Canvas when we partner with them. To learn more about how a Lean Canvas exercise can impact your efforts, give us a shout! We’d love to see how we fit as a marketing partner to your business,