Search engine marketing is as relevant today as it was 15 years ago. Whether you’re running paid traffic or trying to capitalize on organic search volume, there can be a ton of value in your content for consumers. But did you know that when you treat SEO marketing and PPC marketing as separate campaigns you’re leaving a TON of search engine marketing visibility AND marketing dollars on the table?

When you merge your PPC and SEO Strategies together, you’ll start to see some actual marketing magic. You can actually PROVE your SEO strategy before you even begin to rank, and you can use a smart PPC strategy to do it. Ezzey Co-Founder Ross Denny recently wrote an article for unmasking the secrets of a data-based PPC-SEO merger.

“This tie between PPC and SEO makes logical sense if you think about it. Case in point: Company A sets up a new site. Although the site has tons of keywords and great content, it takes years to rank organically. The way to move the needle on those rankings is to start an aggressive but regimented Google Ads campaign. The ad campaign increases the site’s perceived digital value by providing traffic to the site (aka data to Google) that shows Google your site is worthy of traffic, provided you have a properly built converting campaign. As a result, the rankings for specific keywords get higher and higher for SEO.”

Read the full article here.

By implementing a unified PPC-SEO strategy, you can save yourself months, even YEARS of  budget and effort you might put into each of these strategies individually. You may even find a greater level of success on the combined effort than you would on these strategies on their own. What better time is there than now to get started merging your PPC and SEO? Contact us today!