With 2023 just inches away, brands across all industries are looking towards the trends that are going to shape the way we market in 2023, and the Cannabis space is going to have its own unique challenges as it always has. Paid media is still almost impossible to run consistently, and social media platforms are all but guaranteed to change their advertising policies (possibly more than once). So what can cannabis brands do to ensure that they stay top of mind with both new and existing business? Ezzey CEO Michael Hamburger recently spoke with leafretailer.com to discuss the best ways to drive traffic to your cannabis brand in 2023.

“Instead of advertising on Google, try doubling down on organic, cannabis-friendly channels such as Google search. Use SEO and top keyword terms to get your website as close to the top of the list as possible when someone searches for something cannabis related or local dispensaries near them. 

Michael Hamburger, CEO of Ezzey, offers three tips for cannabis marketers in order to make the most out of marketing in 2023:

  1. Get your plan ready. The most important thing is to have your roadmap to success dialed in. Look at multiple channels and have patience. Do not try to run, just do a great job of walking. Understand what your unique selling proposition is compared to your competitors. 
  2. Make sure you do not take a shot in the dark. Be confident that you understand the guidelines within the restrictive space that you operate in or enlist in an experienced marketing partner to help.
  3. When channels open up, marketers must also be ready to have honest conversations with their customers about the realities of a successful long-term cannabis marketing strategy. Transitioning beyond short-term marketing tactics might scare some customers initially, but investing in long-term strategies will allow cannabis brands to ensure that they are not just here today and gone by tomorrow.

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Though strategies for cannabis marketing may still be limited to only a few channels, there is still plenty of opportunity for cannabis brands to connect with their consumers. Having a solid plan in place with the help of the right team can make all the difference for cannabis brands in 2023. If you’d like to know more about how we’re building cannabis marketing strategies for the coming year, contact us today!


Ezzey CEO & Co-Founder Michael Hamburger