Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas

Case Studies


Dr. Brady came to us after recently suffering a massive blow from Google. Her SEO was wiped out by a previous agency which caused major financial losses. In just 6 months we were able to recover the losses and started a plan for growth for her SEO and PPC.



Implemented SEO and PPC Strategies – SEO is done by giving Google what it wants, not tricky Google. We spent many hours optimizing the website for not just keywords but Speed. We also did a clean up campaign from a failed migration of a website. It isn’t just about creating redirects but redirects of the previous redirects. We also worked to shorten the redirect chain, which also helps SEO. Link Reclemation and Brand Mentions were key. In PPC we were able to cut costs almost in half. We do this by using Quality Scores and getting a Google Discount. We implemented the newest Google AI and worked to get their scores in the 90s.


SEO Onsite Optimization, Link Rehab, PPC Optimization – The execution was very strategic. It isn’t about just what you do but the order you do it in. SEO takes time but you can see some quick wins with CTR on Metas while you are playing the long game of SEO Authroity. We also coupled SEO with PPC so we could show ROI in 90 days while we pushed on SEO for the 6 month timeline. Expectation and Trust are super important as this is a huge endevor. We created dashboards and educated on the process. No Black Box, we show everything and educate on the way. We don’t just say we can do it, we show how, and give milestones along the way to build confidence.


Services Offered

Google SEO Setup Service (One-Time)

Onsite Optimization of website up to 50 pages. This involves increasing your relevance, filling in meta data, and doing a checkup on your website. We will also identify hosting issues. Finally we will also do Basic Page Speed Optimization using standard plugins. 

Google SEO Onsite Launch

  • Setup & Sync Google Analytics
  • Setup & Sync Webmaster Tools
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Create Baseline Ranking Report
  • Conduct Technical Audit
  • Redirect necessary urls
  • Create Meta Allocation Doc
  • Buildout Meta Description Tags
  • Buildout Meta Title Tags
  • Remove WP Content Uploads from being indexed
  • Implement mobile page speed improvement
  • Add Yoast SEO
  • Optimize site images
  • Optimize internal Links
  • Launch social fortress (1-10)

Google SEO Campaign Service 

Ongoing SEO Campaigns are essential to your ranking success. After we have the foundation built we are just to the starting line. SEO is a race and putting and allocating dollars towards your SEO every month to keep you in the race. SEO Campaign Services can include Linking, Tracking, Reporting and ultimately results. We have the secret sauce figured out.

  • Google SEO Campaign 
    • Onsite Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Offsite Optimization
    • Baseline
    • Reporting
    • Analytics Tracking and Conversion Setup

Google Ad Campaign Setup Service (One-Time)

  • [2]Keyword and Persona Definitions
  • [1]Construct a list of competitors
  • [2]Competitor Analysis (including words ranking and who ranks on Google)
  • [5]Develop a content strategy and brainstorming (for content)
  • [2]Provide baseline analysis for future reporting

Fully build out Google Ads account with the goal of being able to turn it on and run ads whenever we are ready. The client will not have to set up anything in the account.

  • Google Ads account creation – we would create the actual account if the client does not already have one.
  • Campaign setup
  • Ad group setup
  • Create ads
  • Do keyword research and add keywords to the account
  • Do competitor research to get an idea of the industry and what keywords they target.
  • Setup ad extensions
  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Setup bidding 
  • Setup geographical targeting
  • Setup ad schedule – what times of the day and days of the week we run ads
  • Decide what landing pages to use. If the client has landing pages on their website that we feel we can use, then we can run ads to those pages. If we decide we need to build out landing pages, then we go this route. NOTE: If we send ad traffic to the clients website, we may need access in order to setup conversion tracking.
  • Setup billing – we will need the client’s billing information.

Google Ad Campaign Maintenance Service

  • Geotargeting settings (as applicable)
    • Campaign geotargeting will be set up and optimized per analytics data.
  • Language settings (as applicable)
    • Campaign language settings will be set up and optimized per analytics data.
  • Ad scheduling (as applicable)
    • Campaign ad scheduling settings, scheduled bidding and day parting will be setup and optimized per analytics data.
  • Ad rotation settings (as applicable)
    • Ad delivery settings will be adjusted between standard and accelerated.
  • Phone extension 
    • Google call metrics and current click-to-call extensions will be reviewed, and setup and utilized as needed.
  • Sitelinks extension
    • Google Sitelinks extension will be set up and utilized.
  • Location extension (if applicable)
    • As applicable, the Google location extension will be setup and integrated into the AdWords account.

Paid Search Optimization Services Details

  • Negative Keyword Research – A comprehensive negative keyword list can save up to 40% of an AdWords budget, which can then be recycled into profitable traffic.
  • An ongoing analysis based on a comprehensive review of user’s actual search queries that resulted in impressions and clicks.
  • Quality Score Improvement. Identifying areas of improvement in keyword quality scores to directly decrease cost per click.
  • Analytics behavioral analysis. Identifying and remedying sources of bounce. Identifying and excluding sources of invalid and fraudulent clicks.
  • Competitive Adjustments to bidding, match types, Geotargeting and other parameters.
  • Management of adjustments needed to respond to changes in the AdWords marketplace due to competition or other changes in AdWords operating environment.
  • Spending Analysis. Continuous monitoring of ad spend to identify additional profitable opportunities to boost budget and ensure that needed traffic is arriving to the specified properties.


Created Double Digit year over year gains and millions of dollars in revenue by deploying SEO and Google Lead Recovery.