Case Studies


To take a drop shipping technology tech stack and build it into a brand that could communicate the ease of drop shipping and the financial opportunity to consumers while also setting itself apart from the competition.



After a competitive analysis for our client we pinpointed three main challenges with our competitors’ approach – they leaned into a guarded sales funnel where it was unclear what you got until you signed up for the service. There was an opportunity to create a brand and a community that people wanted to be a part of. And last, our competitors didn’t have the tech stack to truly deliver an integrated solution, or the manufacturing network to offer a solid product catalog.  We knew we needed to create a brand and website that answered those three challenges.



After we built a solid brand ID for HoneyComm, we wove the theme through the funnel and built a website that educated consumers and was transparent about the client’s services while building value in the membership.  We knew to create a community we had to create education and an opportunity for members to connect, so we built the Hive, an education and communication resource for members.  Lastly we worked to articulate the difference between our clients tech stack and the competition while also tying in the backend, catalog and front end of the website for a seamless user experience.



Web Design





App Interface



Customer Journey Design



Product Labeling



Services Offered


  • Business Model Audit and Creation

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Full Suite Branding & Naming

  • Product Labeling

  • Web Design

  • Full Tech Stack Integration

  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation

  • Email Strategy & Implementation

  • Search Engine Optimization


A total E-commerce business solution delivered to the client that included, Full brand creation, name, brand ID, conversion focused E-commerce website, a product catalog with over 100 products and full tech stack integration.