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The lead objective was to generate quality leads at $20 or less using Meta. The second objective was to create a Facebook strategy that would allow scalability without huge disruption to lead costs.  Scalable ad strategies are difficult to create and maintain.  Ezzey has put over 25 years into developing proprietary ad strategies that achieve results.  The third objective was to help the client increase their conversion rate from lead to sale by creating a sales funnel that provided qualified leads that were highly responsive to the sales offer.



Our approach was to strip down the ad structure and closely monitor the AI learning.  This allowed us to scale with broad targeted audiences that were later narrowed through a custom sale funnel. We also applied our “secret sauce” strategy to a second lead generation campaign to broaden the opportunity for growth and boost scalability.



We can’t give away our playbook, but by understanding the FB algorithm we used dynamic creative and broad audience targeting to hone into the right target audience.  This requires intense A/B testing and close monitoring of all campaigns.

Services Offered

Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign Maintenance Service

  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign work flow
  • Up to 20 variations of ad copy and creative testing every 30 days.
  • Twice a week (minimum) analysis of data and conversions.
  • Interpretation of Facebook data and conversion into meaningful actionable steps towards our KPI’s.
  • Implementation of all actionable steps within the Facebook Business Manager.
  • All campaign creations as and when needed to achieve our KPI’s.
  • Keeping in touch with Facebook compliance and ensuring ad accounts follow best practices.
  • Data reporting using our Google Data Studio dashboard.
  • Continuous optimization of campaigns, ad sets, and ads for maximum conversion at the lowest CPA.
  • Audience segmentation
  • The creation of valuable look-a-like audiences
  • Offline conversion setup and data uploading to Facebook
  • Consultation with clients regarding best practice and techniques for ad creative and copy (continuous improvement)


Setup included in month 1:

  • Facebook pixel events setup
  • UTM parameter tracking setup
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • The creation of goals and events within Google Analytics
  • Integration with Google Tag Manager
  • The creation of tags and triggers for Facebook and Google Analytics events


Generated 12,104 leads over 8 months at an average cost per lead of $18.01 and increased conversion while maintaining lead quality and scaling budget.