Growing with Local SEO
March 17, 2022

Local SEO (short for local search engine optimization) is a subcategory of SEO. The goal of local SEO is to organically boost local business’ ranking and visibility in search engine results pages (also known as SERPs).  

Local search results are typically tied to queries like “plumber near me” or “plumber Phoenix AZ”. By properly harnessing the power of local SEO, your local business could become the very first result potential customers see in their search results. 

Many of your potential customers are using local searches right now and finding your competitors. Almost one-third of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses every single day, according to a new study by Statista. That’s a 900% increase from 2017!  

And 90% of survey respondents said they click on the very first result for their local search.  

In short, local SEO– and how you use it– can make or break your bottom line. Read on to learn the 3 most important ways it can impact your business.


Cost-Effective Advertising


Advertising is typically one of the biggest expenses a local business has to deal with. But it’s not particularly lucrative– the average conversion rate of digital ads is only 2.35%. Even the top 10% of ads see only an 11.45% conversion rate.  

If you’re thinking there’s got to be a better way, you’re right. Local SEO is a far more cost-effective method of attracting new customers– for example, creating your Google My Business (otherwise known as your GMB) listing is a free service offered by Google.  

Considering that the Google Maps Pack– where your GMB appears in search results– gets 44% of total clicks, it’s easy to see just how important local SEO can be for your bottom line. 

Publishing SEO-optimized evergreen content is another aspect of every good local SEO strategy. Doing so will not only increase your website’s SERP ranking… it also creates a hub of relevant, valuable information for your potential customers.  

Traditional ads only benefit you while you’re paying for them. With local SEO, all you have to do is routine analysis and maintenance. You aren’t being charged for every single click like you are with ads, making local SEO the most cost-effective way to attract new customers.


Find the Right Customers 


When you spend your marketing budget on ads, you have little control over who sees those ads. Whether you create a Google ad, Facebook ad, or an ad streamed via podcast, people outside of your target demographic will see it.  

And that’s just a waste of your money.  

Local SEO aligns your website with the search queries your ideal customers are using. Instead of spending money on PPC clicks that never turn into sales, consider investing in optimizing your website.  

Doing so means your ideal customers will find you at the top of their search results… and people outside of your target audience will never waste your time or money again. 

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of having more potential customers near you. As time goes on and you fine-tune your optimizations, searchers 100 miles from you– who would never buy from you– will no longer find your local business in their search results. 

But searchers within 5 miles of you– who are ready to buy right now– will find your website and most likely become your customer. It’s also highly likely they’ll leave a review, which organically increases your ranking and makes it more likely additional new customers will find you. 

In short, you’ll enjoy all the same perks you get from a well-targeted ad… with none of the usual wasted time, effort, and money that accompanies ad spending.


Local Searches Convert into Sales


A staggering 80% of local searches performed on mobile devices convert into sales, according to a new study. And if your website is the top result, there’s a 90% chance your business will get that sale.  

Meanwhile, the average conversion rate for a Facebook ad is 9.21%. Facebook defines conversion rate very loosely: it includes page views and phone calls, too. This means spending money on local SEO will give you a conversion rate over 10 times higher than that of a Facebook ad.  

Why do so many local searches convert into sales? It’s because of the way people use Google during their buyer’s journey. When folks need information, they don’t do a local search. They’ll instead search “do I need a plumber or carpenter for a bathroom remodel?” 

Informative searches like this aren’t the same as local searches. People aren’t looking to make a purchase at this point. When they feel ready to buy, they’ll search for “plumber near me.” And that’s great news for you.  

Because it means the hard work is already done. The potential customer has already researched which solution they need– without needing to request any information from your team. This means you get a sale with very little investment on your part.  

What could be better for your bottom line?


Effective Local SEO is Crucial for Your Success


Years ago, local SEO wasn’t absolutely necessary to achieving success. But times have changed. Today, if your business doesn’t take advantage of this powerful organic marketing tool, you’re not only leaving money on the table… you’re practically giving it to your competitors.  

Because you can bet each and every one of them is gunning for the number one spot in local search results.  

But don’t panic– it’s never too late to put local SEO to work for you. We make it EZZEY to maximize your business with organic search traffic. Our creative team will help optimize your website and create a local SEO strategy customized for your business.  

Once we roll out our optimizations to your website, we’ll analyze the resulting data to continue boosting your traffic and attracting new customers to you. Why? Because local SEO isn’t a one-and-done solution– it requires constant vigilance and maintenance to stay ahead of the pack. 

Contact us today to make local SEO success EZZEY for you.