Scottsdale – Feb 25th, 2020 – For every business, both digital and brick & mortar, connecting with new customers is an integral effort in their profitability and ability to scale. While there are many ways to connect with new customers, Search Engine Optimization has been a must when companies compete for new customer attention. Ezzey Digital Marketing is flying into the 2020’s with a notable expansion of its SEO programs giving businesses a much broader local reach. 

“The SEO gamut has changed dramatically since the time of the battle for the 7 keywords. As search engines have become more aware of the way users search, they are ranking pages on far more than just query results. Page speed, stickiness, mobile optimization and security are now the benchmarks for search engine ranking, so it’s important for us at Ezzey to help our clients tune their digital engine’s performance. Stuffing a few well placed keywords into page content is no longer going to cut it.” says Ezzey Creative Director Todd Burnes.

Search Engine Optimization at the local level has always seemed like the path of least resistance to engaging new customers, but as customers can now reach into their pockets to find the business they are looking for, local SEO is more like a battle royale than it is a pillow fight. It is no longer enough to hold the top position in a local search. Don’t get it wrong, the top spot is still the end goal for any SEO effort, but users are now connecting with companies they feel they can trust. The expanded Ezzey programs are focused on building that trust at the same time as they are focused on page rank. This powerful combination aims to be the juggernaut in the SEO game.

“We’ve seen a ton of clients who have attempted SEO efforts in the past, and the overwhelming data tells us that the customers who invest in optimizing their infrastructure are far more successful in their SEO results. While an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary website is still a must have in today’s market, we’re working to ensure that our clients are setup for long term organic search success. We work to give Google what Google wants, and in turn benefit in our efforts for our clients” say Burnes.

It’s a “dog eat dog” world when it comes to local SEO, and finding new customers in your own backyard will always be beneficial to businesses big and small. As Ezzey Digital Marketing starts to take one of it’s core services to the next level, we’re sure that we’re going to see more and more big dogs in the scuffle. With data as the diet program for Ezzey SEO clients, it won’t come as a surprise if some of those page 1, spot 1 businesses have been trained lean and mean by Ezzey.

About Ezzey Digital Marketing – Ezzey Digital Marketing is a full scope digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona that focuses on true customer growth for their clients. Specializing in both paid and organic marketing strategies to attract highly qualified potential customers for their clients, the Ezzey team uses a whole brand approach to develop winning campaigns for clients around the world. Ezzey Digital Marketing is always on the lookout for clients that are ready to supercharge their digital marketing efforts with strong foundations in place. ( 

SOURCE – Ezzey Digital Marketing.