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“This is the EXACT system and strategy we used to take a very well-known company that is not able to leverage paid media buys due to the nature of their business from $800,000 per month in revenue to over $2.4 million/month.  We have invested an enormous amount of time and money to perfect this unique offering and are now offering this to selected Ezzey clients!”
Ross Denny
President and COO, Ezzey

If there is one challenge that EVERY business has, no matter how big or small, it is finding as many new customers as possible. Businesses invest in local marketing, optimize their websites and polish their social media profiles, but what happens when the local well is almost tapped out? Ezzey proudly launches a new proprietary system for Nationally Geolocated SEO allowing for nationwide visibility from distant local markets.

“The national geo SEO system that we’ve perfected has assisted countless Ezzey clients”, shares Michael Hamburger. “Seeing our clients rank in the top 10 in the organic search results in multiple markets is exciting. Hearing the difference our product is making for our clients’ makes this product so special.”

Search engine optimization has long been a proven way to organically boost a company’s presence online, but the hurdle has always been obtaining a greater reach on a reasonable budget. Businesses of every size compete at the highest levels (often financially) for a limited amount of keywords and phrases available, creating a David and Goliath like battle for the top spot nationally. The deepest pockets will always have an unfair advantage in this model, so Ezzey Digital Marketing is aiming to change the odds. Search engine users know what they’re looking for, and when they see value they will connect, no matter WHERE the company is located. 

This newly unveiled Ezzey National GEO SEO system relies more heavily on targeting locations over keywords and keyphrases like we are traditionally used to. 2,915 of them to be exact. The system matches user search terms with user location to provide visibility for businesses that may have never had a chance in that user’s market. All while using the concepts that major search engines like Google and Bing are built upon to give their users the best experience possible. By taking the focus off of highly competitive keywords and keyphrases and putting the focus on location, a company’s financial outlay for a national presence may be drastically reduced in comparison to keyword buying. Bottom line? A potentially greater national reach at a much smarter price.

With several of Ezzey’s clients already off and running with this new system, one thing is for sure. Each and every day, new eyes in new markets are finding businesses they may have never seen before. New eyes are potential new customers, and combining these new eyes with a streamlined sales process is sure to have a positive effect on any business’s bottom line.

About Ezzey Digital Marketing – Ezzey Digital Marketing is a full scope digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona that focuses on true customer growth for their clients. Specializing in both paid and organic marketing strategies to attract highly qualified potential customers for their clients, the Ezzey team uses a whole brand approach to develop winning campaigns for clients around the world. Ezzey Digital Marketing is always on the lookout for clients that are ready to supercharge their digital marketing efforts with strong foundations in place. ( 


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