Each year, thousands of people from around the globe descend on a city for a whirlwind weekend of Sales Funnel expertise. As with any convention of note, the talent went as far as the eye could see and the tips and tricks to funnel building poured out like an open bar. Ezzey’s Director of Digital Marketing Daren Haywood was in attendance and found himself right in the thick of it.

“Funnel Hacking Live puts together the best funnel builders on earth and the information that everyone brings to the table continues to push the use of sales funnels further and further down the track” says Haywood. “Whilst the speakers and seminars are incredible, you may find yourself sitting down to eat dinner and end up in an impromptu think tank gaining fantastic information from your peers.”

Sales funnels have become an invaluable tool in digital marketing that help turbocharge a company’s ability to help seal the sale with their customers. Though funnel software like Clickfunnels and Lead Pages have become synonymous with the building process, sales funnels can be most effective when looked at from the top to the bottom of the sales process. The Funnel Hacking Live event is designed to help sharpen marketers skills from the irresistible offer all the way down to the after sale nurture process. When someone like Tony Robbins is in attendance to talk about the value of sales funnels, it would be a huge mistake not to listen.

With the vast majority of Ezzey Digital Marketing’s clients utilizing sales funnels in one form or another, you can be sure that the treasure trove of information gained at Funnel Hacking Live is primed to be put to work. As the digital marketing field continues to evolve and grow, staying ahead of the trends is where every agency strives to be. After a 5 day melee of tips, tricks, hacks and secrets, Haywood and the Ezzey team are hitting the ground running for their clients. 

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