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Is SEO really worth it?  Do you have a great business but not enough customers?  Maybe you have an incredible website but not enough visitors to get your message out?

Unless you are trying to hide a dead body, being anywhere except the 1st page of Google is hurting your business.

Ezzey Search Engine Optimization - SEOImagine this…  your ideal prospect is sitting in front of their computer or grabbing their smartphone out of their pocket. They go to their favorite browser and type in your business category and hit search…  the cyber squirrels that make the Google results appear do their job and BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA the results appear.  Your ideal prospect skips over the ads and instead goes directly to the organic listings.  The only big, glaring problem is your website listing is not there.  A few seconds later, they are contacting your local competition.

Unfortunately, our team at Ezzey has seen this scenario play out time after time.  We’ve seen where someone saw a business ad or a local service truck and the prospect visits Google to search and instead of finding the business they were looking for, the prospect has instead found the competitor. This may not seem like a big challenge until you stop and think about it this way…  a business pays for an ad on Google Ads or Facebook Ads and instead of having the lead visit their page, they essentially just paid to promote their competitors! -OUCH-

Ezzey - Best SEO in ScottsdaleThere has never been a better time to discover the power of Ezzey – Scottsdale’s BEST Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Agency!  Whether your website just needs better organic search engine results on Google (SEO) or if it requires a total make over, Ezzey in Scottsdale, AZ has you and your team covered.

Recognized as one of the premier Search Engine Optimization service providers, Ezzey is your company’s best kept secret.  Several of Ezzey’s customers are enjoying the fruits of our labor with front page listings on Google!  We invite you to run a free SEO website audit of your website and discover the strengths and weaknesses of your website today – Free Website Audit.

Our step-by-step SEO roadmap serves as the basis that our team will build upon.  Gone are the days of trying to trick the search engines and black hat practices


We proudly serve clients around the world from the United States to Australia to the United Kingdom and several clients in between.




Listen, all the experts will tell you that when it comes to page ranking and SEO, the rules are constantly changing!  You can hire an internal team member, which will cost you a minimum of $200 and cross your fingers that they stay “current” or you can turn to a team of experts and get real results.

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