Social Media Marketing can be an invaluable place to invest your marketing dollars, though it can also become the void that those marketing dollars disappear in. Ezzey Digital Marketing, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ names Daren Haywood its Director of Digital Marketing after years of mastering the data which drives paid advertising on Social Media.

We’ve all at least tried it in some capacity. Boosted posts, paid ads, integrating chatbots or dynamic product ads, there is a small army of digital marketing tools at our disposal across the social media platforms. On its face, it seems really simple, right? Those are always the famous last words…

Ezzey Scottsdale Digital Marketing announces Daren Haywood as Director of Digital Marketing“Facebook in particular has put a lot of resources into making sure that it’s giving its users the most relevant experience possible. When advertising on Facebook, the most important things to look at are what Facebook is telling you that users are looking for. It can be really easy to waste valuable marketing dollars by ignoring the data that’s right in front of you” say Daren Haywood.

Advertising on any of the social media platforms can be tricky as you are hoping to disrupt the user’s attention span long enough to spark their interest in your product or service. Companies have seconds to connect with people as they are scrolling through their feeds, so it becomes increasingly important for social media advertisers to be crafting highly engaging content which targets audiences that are not only paying attention, but can be converted to customers.

With most of its clients, Ezzey relies heavily on nurturing and remarketing when they engage in social media marketing campaigns. It can be easy to get someone’s attention on social media, but there can be great success when integrating chatbot sequences and follow up email campaigns that further engage with prospects. With open rates as high as 85-90 percent, you’re almost guaranteed that people are interested in going beyond the first step of engagement. The customer information gained from data that can be collected from social media marketing can and will lead to a database of potential buyers for years to come.

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